About us

Among all your vendors, we are the ones you will spend the most time with. It is important that you know us well,

in order to feel the most comfortable and natural with us.

Ten years of friendship and half of it working together. This is our strength.

We complement each other and always try to be discreet and cheerful. Both of us always review all photos and videos we produce,

which guarantee a nice and coherent delivery.

The team behind

Amour Etc.


Amour Etc. - French Wedding photographer and videographer

For as long as I can remember, making memories eternal through photography has run in my family, and has always been a passion of mine. After working few years in the luxury marketing industry, I went back to my roots and made it my dream job.

As an empath, I am touched by the beauty of each story revealed to me and am always chasing for images that I think you might love. There is a good chance that I'll shed a tear during your ceremony, or be moved by how you play with your toddler !

As an observer, I am constantly analyzing the lights and compositions, and I pay close attention to details from your story and during the wedding day. Influenced by arts and travels, I enjoy trying to see each wedding or photo session with a new perspective in order to create unique images.


Amour Etc. - French Wedding photographer and videographer

If I had to remember the first time I held a camera, I think that would bring us back to my early teenage years. At that time, I was just taking pictures of my friends in middle school between two classes. A few years later, I started to travel, and in the meantime, I discovered that there was a filming function in that same camera. In a few years, I brought back as many travel movies as postcards !

But something was missing to me in those movies. Emotions. People. Happiness. Something raw, but meaningful.

My life journey took me in many different places, working in luxury hospitality and in the fashion industry at first, then in tech for brand marketing, until I found my way.

Today, I'm doing the exact thing I was meant for since I had my first camera: capturing people's love, people's passion, people's real life moments, with this deep and shaped outlook that life granted me.

A few things

we both love.

Amour Etc. - French Wedding photographer and videographer

your passion

One image is worth a thousand words. It is as simple as that.

Our work is also one of the only things that will remain of your wedding. That's why we are dying to see how much you love each other, and how you're going to celebrate it.

A huge part of what makes our pictures and movies so precious is the raw passion and unscripted emotions you'll share with us.

Amour Etc. - French Wedding photographer and videographer

stunning venues

Traveling has always been such a great source of inspiration for us. Did we tell you that, as best friends, we've shared more than 10 trips together ? Each single time, we were so excited to discover new places, cities, cultures, hotels... Today, every time we discover new venues, we feel the exact same way: a feeling of excitement to be with you in such beautiful locations, which are always equal to your love.

Amour Etc. - French Wedding photographer and videographer

refined details

Our common fashion and luxury background gave us a pronounced taste for beautiful things. We enjoy so much meeting the talented vendors you chose and discovering their work on the wedding day! That is why we love to see what choices you made about the dress, the decorations, the flowers, etc.